Inside True You


True You consists of two hot rooms with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, waterproof floors, heaters, and humidifiers.


The True You Juice bar is a staple at the studio, serving fresh green juice, protein shakes, and hydration drinks. Our protein shakes are made with 7.2 alkaline-promoting protein. The greens are loaded with green nutrients and are a fantastic meal replacement. We use sugar-free almond milk and make our shakes with almond butter. Our hydration drinks are very popular as they are made with cooling aloe vera. There are many delicious treats in the juice bar including our happy smiling staff. Order your drink before class and it will be ready for you after class. Complete your visit with a drink from our juice bar to get the full True You experience. 


We carry a variety of athletic wear, accessories, supplements, and hydration powders that are best suited for your hot yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates practice.


We have changing rooms for men and women that contain cubbies for your personal belongings. We are not responsible for your personal belongings, however, we do lock the studio doors during class. If you would like, you may ask the instructor to hold onto your wallet/keys/phone for additional safekeeping.